Goat Milking Hobbles & Goat Milk Soap




Have a jumpy goat in the milk stand?
Our hobbles are made with durable Nylon webbing and velcro.
Added metal ring in middle of hobble
so you can attach to milk stand for extra jumpy goat if needed
Great for training a goat new to milking.
Easy to put on and take off.
Designed to fit standard size and smaller breed goats.
No more need to cry over spilled milk!

$2 Shipping in Canada

$7 Flat Rate to USA

$12 International

$23.00 CA


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Coming Summer of 2018 

 All Natural Goat Milk Soap made from our own Fresh Goats Milk , Beeswax and Honey! 

Scented with Essential Oils

Stay Tuned!